Business leaders today recognise that their workforce is one of their most significant competitive advantages. Recruiting and nurturing the best talent is absolutely crucial for ambitious organisations hungry for continued success.
Talent is also one of the primary problems organisations across the world are faced with today. According to Harvard Business review almost three-quarters of CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills and 36% of companies are experiencing talent shortages.
A strong employer brand is important in helping your organisation stand out from your competitors when it comes to attracting the top talent within your industry.Research also suggests that organisations who implement an effective employer brand have been able to cut their cost-per-hire in half and attract more than 3 times as many applicants per vacancy.
This was the external talk, but what about the internal issue with current employees whose word of mouth creates the most power image (positive or negative). The old adage “Employees leave bosses, not companies” necessitates a deeper level of strategic thinking to ensure internal and external harmony and employee value proposition.
We at IKSUN have developed the tools to ensure that employees, whether current or future see your company as the “preferred employer”, through intensive & extensive interviews / observations / surveys of your company to identify areas of highest returns with minimum invasive procedures.

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